Mandy Dray as Rita Slayworth

It might come as a shock to learn that Club Z's own resident sweetheart doesn't actually have a beating heart, but it's 100% true. Rita Slayworth is as undead as they come, and she loves to show the living the fun of being a cold, undead corpse!

REMINDER: If some point during the show you find Rita is chewing on your head, just remember it means she likes you… or she may be hungry. Either way, panic.

Photos of Rita

Mandy Dray
Rita Slayworth
Zombie Sweetheart

Cast Members

Zenoch Sophia LaMorte Rita Slayworth Mikey Elizabeth Terror Johhny Wifemauller Tiny Bubbles Evan Keys Bridget Bardead Ricardo Notembaulmed Dolor Del Rio Sandra Dee-Composing The Quiddlers

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