Elyse Corbin as Sandra Dee-Composing

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Elyse began her career with a magic show in Taiwan, followed by two years performing at sea for Carnival Cruise Lines. After moving to Las Vegas, she joined Donn Arden's Jubilee! and is proud to have been a member of its closing cast. She went on to perform in Tournament of Kings and now has the opportunity to work with David Saxe in the award-winning Zombie Burlesque. Throughout her career, she has performed with stars including Wayne Newton, Tiesto, Lil Jon, Rod Stewart and Jennifer Lopez. Elyse is thrilled to perform nightly with the beautiful and talented cast of Zombie Burlesque and VEGAS! THE SHOW.

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Elyse Corbin
Elyse Corbin
Las Vegas Dancer

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